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How to attach the pdf file in custom connector as an input parameter



I am using a custom connector to send API requests to a server. The API is working fine in postman and there is a option to attach the pdf file. But how can we attach the same pdf file in custom connector while making a API Request.

I am attaching the Postman and connector screenshot. Please Refer.


I am pretty sure Postman is converting any attached document in formdata to binary for you, so all you need to do in your custom connector is add a parameter to accept a binary input, then in the Flow where you call your connector convert your document to binary before sending it.


I tried to create a Flow which is converting Base64 to Binary Format and calling the custom connector, but it is giving error as-

{"statusCode":400,"headers":{"Transfer-Encoding":"chunked","x-correlation-id":"dolore reprehenderit laboris","x-envoy-upstream-service-time":"130","x-envoy-decorator-operation":"*","Strict-Transport-Security":"max-age=15724800; includeSubDomains","x-ms-apihub-cached-response":"false","Date":"Mon, 24 Jan 2022 11:12:34 GMT","Content-Type":"application/json; charset=utf-8","Content-Length":"114"},"body":{"message":"Validation Failed","details":{"":["Failed to read the request form. Missing content-type boundary."]}}}

Also, I am unable to update the file format as a binary in custom connector. Please refer attached screenshots.

While updating the file format as binary it is giving following error:

Specified swagger has the following errors: 'Definition is not valid. Error: 'Error : paths/~1loans~1{loanNumber}~1valuation-cases/post/parameters/3/schema/properties/file : A schema with type/format 'string/binary' can only be at the top level of a body or formData parameter.

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