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Multiple Custom Connector Issues

I have created a postman collection that contains two api calls, and via postman, I have them working appropriately. 


However I am struggling to apply the headers, the value for the headers, and the raw body, into the custom connector without it requesting that information later on. its never going to change. I don't want to put it every time. 
This is what I have so far: 
The request:


Within those headers, and that body, i have edited them. I have marked them all as required. I have also supplied default values, which is what i want the value of those headers to be. 

When i reach my "Test" portion, I EXPECT this to WORK: 


However, it does not work. you see the 401. I MUST fill in the values for the headers ,and the body, even though i set default values. 


You can see I now successfully receive a 200 response. there is a value in the body I need to retrieve inside of powerapps. But inside powerapps, when I use this custom connector, I expect to be able to Set(varCustomConnectorResponse,CustomConnector.Action()) and retrieve the response value inside of varCustomConnectorResponse

INSTEAD, Powerapps looks like this:



It is very much expecting me to supply those fields. 
okay, whatever. I'll hard-code the fields inside my app, right? 


WRONGO! You can see me setting a variable (this is onclick a button btw) to the response of my api call. You can see my error. and instead of the nice detailed messages i get when testing my custom connector, I get "There was an error" inside the powerapp. How useless lol 😞 

WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?! 😞 I've been trying this for 10 hours today. I'm stumped. I feel like im SO CLOSE! 



What kind of auth are you using? Consider defining an auth type instead of hardcoding the value. Also checkout this policy template:


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