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new custom connector not available due to automated validation checks

Hi all,


I created a new custom connector to use a REST API and it works fine in the swagger view and when using a connection in testing mode.

But when I want to add the action to a flow, it throws the following error:


ajaxRequestFailed. The trigger or custom API action "XXX" is not available due to automated validation checks. Although existing connections will continue to run as expected, no additional steps can be added until the owner of the custom API resolves the validation errors.


I found one other post with this problem, without a resolution:


I tried Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.


How can I resolve the validation errors?


Thanks for your help


Use the paconn CLI to validate the connector asset.

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Thanks for the tool.

I don't want to certify my connector but I resolved every error that the tool found.

It only said that I should add descriptions to every parameter and contact and x-ms-metadata information.


I resolved them all and now after validate the tool says:

Swagger certification succeeded with warnings.


The warnings are single implicit encoding and some similar paths.


I updated the connector again using paconn and tried to implement an action, but it shows the same error.


ajaxRequestFailed. The Custom API 'XXX' trigger or action is unavailable due to automated validation checks. Although, existing connections will continue to run as expected, no additional steps may be added until validation errors are resolved by the owner of the Custom API.


Do you have the error code or any other information displayed with the error that I can correlate in the log? Can you please give me your custom connector id (displayed in the address when you edit the connector)?


Sadly, this is the whole error, there is no more information. I click on the action in the flow, it loads a second and then the error displays:



The ID in the URL is:


The error shows this ID, without the "shared_":


After some more testing, I think it has to do with me importing the actions from a Postman collection.

When I create a custom connector from blank and then configure a connector exactly the same, I don't get the error.

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The issue is definitely due to your API definition. 
In the UI, testing the custom connector might show success, but you will still get the error on using it in a Power Automate flow. 


The main issue here is lack of meaningful errors being shown on the UI. 

A workaround I have found is:

1. Copy the Swagger definition from the custom connector (YAML)

2. Convert the YAML into JSON (use any online converters)

3. Save the JSON file locally.

4. Manually create a new connector. Choose "Import from OpenAPI file". Choose the locally saved JSON file.

5. Configure the bare minimum configurations.

6. Try to "Save Connector".

This should hopefully throw some meaningful errors about where your API definition is going wrong. 



New Member

Hello, I know it's being a while but I'm having this exact same issue with my Flows. I created the connector and all actions are successful when I "Test" the connector, but I still get this error when I try to use any action in the flows.


If you found a solution, I would greatly appreciate you sharing it


Thanks in advance


Frequent Visitor

Hi Luis,


iirc, I found that I only get that error when I try to import from somewhere. When I build it all from scratch it worked as expected. But since the error is very generic, it may be something else for you...

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