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Guidance needed on accessing a custom attribute field from AD for a PowerApps form

My company currently has an InfoPath form for time off requests that pulls the user's PTO available balance from Active Directory (that information comes from Deltek Vision). The user launches the form and sees the available hours. We need to recreate this feature in PowerApps. The PTO balance is stored as a custom attribute in AD (custPTOBalance). My hope is that this can be pulled into a PowerApp form connected to a SharePoint list, but I need some guidance on where to start. Note, I'm not a developer but a SharePoint admin doing some initial legwork on how to convert our existing InfoPath forms over to PowerApps. I tried out the AzureAD connector but only got as far as grabbing the 'standard' attributes like displayName, officeLocation, etc. Maybe there's another connector we should try?