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Pulling Calendar Events from multiple calendars

I know I can look at my calendar with a flow connection but can I pull events from other calendars?   For exaple if I had 5 sales employees and I want to display a list in PowerApps of the dates and times of all events from the calendars (Employee Name, Date and Start Time).  Is that possible?


Thank you in advance

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Re: Pulling Calendar Events from multiple calendars

Hi spsolutions, what I have done is used a flow to write to a SharePoint list all of the events. I actually pull from five different calendars daily. You can then make a collection from all of these events.

Its a bit complex and time consuming this way. For example, I ensured a unique identifier for each event in the SharePoint list, forcing only unique values. Then when your flow tries to write the same event again it will fail for the non-unique event, and move on to the next one.

Hopefully this helps.


Re: Pulling Calendar Events from multiple calendars

I am currently pulling them into CDS.  I was looking for a way not to pull them in somewhere but to just use a connection to display the data.  Also when I am pulling them in each user has a different Flow as the flow can only look at their calendar.  Do you have a way for flow to pull from multiuple calendars?