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BIG Bad Bug on WebPlayer : gallerie's items do not display

Hello there !
I have a pretty case of BBB (Big Bad Bug) here :

I have created an application, and on developper mode, everything looks fine under PowerApps Studio. But as soon as my customer launches the Application from the web player (either from > Apps > click on the app's title or either from > Apps > Details > click on the WebLink), I have a really bad display.


Configuration info : Tested on Chrome Version 76.0.3809.100, chrome en 75.0.3 AND IE 11.0.9.

Items in the gallery are from a Collection populated at the beginning with info from a MSSQL View. And yes, i have titles and dates in my collection.

Here is my Application in the PowerApps Studio :
App_displayingOK_onDev.PNGYou can see on this picture my Screens, and on the Home screen, the Gallery "RI" which displays my items on the screen. You can see than, next to the stange labels "V3_XXX", you have a title, a blacked out element, a date and a Status (Open).
Then, below these elements, you have a gallery displaying elements numbered from 1 to ... 3 with titles, date, status and trigrams.

This is my application doing its job.

You can also see an example of my application doing its job there , when I click on the "Play"/"Run" button from the powerapps studio :App_displayingOK_onDev_Run.PNGSee ? No differences. And I am glad with these !


BUT here is my BIG BAD BUG :

When my customer, who does not have any dev rights, clicks on my Application's name under under "Apps", he sees this :
All elements from my RI's gallery are gone. No title, no date etc... I just have the label "V3_XXX" and the status is set to "Clos".





So, how does it happen ? Is it because my titles labels are in FontWeight=Semibold? Answer : No, because I've tried to make it Normal.


So I have a really Big Bad Bug case here. Could you help me please ? This is pretty urgent, and I really don't know what is happening, and since i do not have my hands on how PowerApps does render the things for the WebPlayer, I can't handle it.


How can I make my labels to display as they are supposed to in the WebPlayer ?


Thanks a lot !



Please PowerApps Team, come to my rescue !

Level 8

Re: BIG Bad Bug on WebPlayer : gallerie's items do not display

Hi @Gaëlle 


Couple of points - For your customer to access powerapps, one does not need dev access. One can access through


To get the app link you can go to app details and check the web link


Screenshot 2019-08-13 at 8.17.53 AM.png


Secodly, does your customer have read access to the data the app is using.



Level 8

Re: BIG Bad Bug on WebPlayer : gallerie's items do not display

Hello @shailendra74 ,

Thank you for your time, but your answer is helpless, because I think I did not express myself clearly :
My customer is using the same user as me, which is a service account.
This account has read + edit rights on the application, because it is the owner account.

But the difference between our uses is :

- For programming purposes, I launch the app from the PowerApps studio and I detect no display bug

- He launches the app from the WebPlayer. The "WebPlayer" is as you said under or from the link I got through the apps' details. And he got the display bug.


I verified what he was saying and I checked that  I was able to reproduce the bug.

So, I still need a huge help on that !
I'm calling MSFT team and PA experts to the rescue, because of the urgency  :
@Shanescows@strategery  did you ever run on that sort of bug ?
@v-xida-msft@v-micsh-msft@v-yuxima-msft  could you help me please ?


Thanks a lot.


Have a nice day




Level 8

Re: BIG Bad Bug on WebPlayer : gallerie's items do not display

Honestly from that I'm seeing here it's as if the most current "working" version isn't published properly.  I have had issues publishing in the past, so I started adding a very faint version number on the splash screen so I can confirm the publish was successful.


This makes the most sense to me if you are both opening it with the same opens the last "save", webplayer opens the last "published". Last saved obviously works, last published perhaps not anymore

Level 8

Re: BIG Bad Bug on WebPlayer : gallerie's items do not display

Thanks a lot @strategery ,
It is a problem with the publishing


Here are my tests :

I checked the versions of the app, here are the results :








So, the published version is the last one (456), and I have no issues on Studio but on WebPlayer.


I have tried what your said : I just added a number on my First screen, saved it.

The version number incremented to 457. (456 being the one still Published)
My number was visible via Studio but not via WebPlayer.

I then published the app. The version number stayed the same, but under the Published column, I now have the "Live" label. I relaunched from WebPlayer and the number is not displayed.


Thanks for that, I know the source now.


So, what will you advice to do ? Export the app package and reimport it ? (But by exporting the package, do I export all the versions too ? If yes, maybe the bug will be exported and reimported as well ?)

Does it exist a way to fix the publishing ? Or is it a bug from PA directly where the PA team only will be able to work on ?
-- EDIT --

I tried different things :

  1. Save my App "As" AppV3 , it creates a new copy of my app on PowerApps called AppV3, and it only has 1 version which is automatically live
    Result : the number label on my first screen is displayed. BUT my gallery still does not display the right informations
  2. Export my app as a package, with telling it to create everything as new and to choose the data connection during import. I then reimport it, changing the name for AppV4.
    Result : the number label on my first screen is displayed. BUT my gallery still does not display the right informations
  3. Tried to launch the Chrome Network tab on webplayer from studio AND on user's webplayer.
    Result : I have no failures. Only 200 codes.
  4. Tried to create a new Gallery on a new screen with the same DataSource (my collection).
    Result : from dev, displays well. From user's, crashes the same as the others.
  5. Tried to create a new Collection, charging the same datas as the old one.
    Result : from dev, works like a charm. From user's, crashes.
  6. Tried to directly display the View as DataSource from the gallery
    Result : from dev, works like a charm. From user's, crashes.
  7. Tried to directly display one DataTable as dataSource from the gallery
    Result : OK IN BOTH CASES.
  8. So, now, I checked what differences I had. And finally, it is the GroupBy function in my formula !!

So, POWERAPPS TEAM, PLEASE, check the GroupBy with the Published WebPlayer !!!!!!


So @strategery , I was looking for the Distinct function, but apparently it is just to distinct into one column .. Instead, I would like to just get the Title and Incident Number, alone, without doubles
My Collection looks like this :


If I use Distinct(MyCollection), the helper returns an error. If I use Distinct(MyCollection,IncidentNUmber), I only have the IncidentNumber cleared of doubles...


Any idea please ?


--- EDIT END ---
Thanks a lot for your help and thoughts ! Smiley Happy

Level 8

Re: BIG Bad Bug on WebPlayer : gallerie's items do not display

With regards to publishing problems, I believe I ended up clearing cache for the browser, or using a different browser that hadn't been used previously (e.g. I saw issues in Chrome, opened+saved+published in Edge). Any time I start seeing strange anomolies, I clear cache and/or use a different browser, for both dev and webplayer.


Based on your question regarding Distinct, I may be piecing it together

  • Distinct returns one column of unique values
  • GroupBy returns a table, with unique combinations of values for the columns you provide, then groups the remaining columns into a subtable (see function description PowerApps page)

The only way offhand I know to properly display a GroupBy table in a gallery is by nesting another gallery inside and using Filter+Ungroup to show the remaining columns.



Example setup

ParentGallery.Items = GroupBy(DataSource,"IncidentNumber","IncidentTitle","GroupedColumns")
NestedGallery.Items = Ungroup(Filter(GroupBy(DataSource,"IncidentNumber","IncidentTitle","GroupedColumns"), IncidentNumber=ThisItem.IncidentNumber && IncidentTitle = ThisItem.IncidentTitle),"GroupedColumns")


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