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Barcode scanner and SMS


I am trying to create an app for courier company which work like this:

1. Customer will select the items from e-commerce website. All items will be fed into customer related record where all information related to him like Name, Phone, Address, selected item's Barcode etc is stored.

2. Once the courier company scan the items before dispatch, same time one SMS will be sent to the customer saying "your item is ready for Dispatch and reached within 24 hours".

3. Basically Scenerio is: we have the customer records along with selected item's barcode stored in database (excel). Once the Courier company scan same item then our app should automatically scan the records in database and once the barcode match with the one stored in database one SMS should go to the customer.

            I have tried creating it by assigning one variable to ONSCAN property of Scan button. This variable.value should be used to search the database. And once the search is successful then how can i send the SMS? How shall I do it?

Appreciate if someone can support in defining the Code.




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Re: Barcode scanner and SMS

On the hand held scanning tool, you can set the default action as 'Return', 'Tab', etc. Accordingly you configure the button in powerapp so that it executes right when scanning is done.


Regarding SMS, there are connectors from Twilio and Telesign. You can find the details in their documentation.

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Re: Barcode scanner and SMS

@jyotipchthanks for your reply. What should be the command to configure the powerapps Scanner button and same time to send the SMS.

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Re: Barcode scanner and SMS

There are two things here:


1. To capture the barcode and press a button in the powerapp when scanning.

2. Send an sms.


Regarding 1: Let's say your app has a text box for the barcode and a button to submit the barcode. Using a computer, you would enter the barcode in the text box, press tab and then press enter. If that is the case, you can configure the scanner to execute tab and enter after scanning. This will achieve your objective.


Regarding 2: Regarding how to actually send the sms when the button is pressed, you will need to study the connector documentation.

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Re: Barcode scanner and SMS

@jyotipchThanks for your reply. 

Actually there are few more things. Once Barcode is scanned then it should search the database for matching barcode detail which is related to particular customer and send SMS to him. How can we do the search part in backend?

What could be the code for same?



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