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! Bug: Flexible Height Gallery does not always adjust height



The flexible height gallery does not work reliably and expands properly only sometimes, seemingly randomly:


I am using flexible height galleries across several screens to display checklist questions. When 'No' is selected the section should expand and show a text field to enter a corrective action. However the section does not expand properly, but since the corrective action field is still displayed it overlaps with the next question (see below).


 In my testing I found the following:


1. It either works for all questions on a sheet/gallery or for none.

2.The galleries that are affected vary, sometimes one works and won't the next time, and a gallery that did not work once suddenly works again - seems random to me.

3. When I go to another sheet and back to the sheet that didn't expand properly it suddenly adjusts itself and displays correctly.




Here is an example relating to my point 3.:

I responded to items 15 and 16, and the section initially did not expand properly. Then I moved on to the next screen, went back to this one and the sections adjusted themself. But when I now respond to the remaining questions you can see it won't adjust for those:




Using the auto adjust as a workaround does not really apply here (although please correct me if I'm wrong !) because I have multiple items that should show in the expanded section not just one text field.


Looking forward to hearing suggestions from you all! Smiley Happy


Level 8

Re: ! Bug: Flexible Height Gallery does not always adjust height

A quick addition to this:


I have tested setting the Y value of the text label ("Enter corrective actions here") and text box to be relative to the "Yes" text label. I hoped that by setting Y = labelYes.Y+50 the gallery template size would adjust, but no luck. Still the same result.

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: ! Bug: Flexible Height Gallery does not always adjust height

Hi @DanielaH,


May I know how did you configured about that "When 'No' is selected the section should expand and show a text field to enter a corrective action."?


I tried to create one similar one and my configuration is that, I set the Visible propery of TextInput control to:

If("1" in Radio2.Selected.Value, true, false)



Although I have data course connected to this gallery but I seem have trouble connecting any data to Radio control. So I just left it with the ["1", "2"]. 


I tested this app with web browser, Windows studio and ios app, this works perfectly. On each field of the galley, only when "1" is selected, the TextInput control would show under radio and the height of each field change accordingly.


I also noticed that when you select "No" in template field, all fields will select "No". May I know how was your setting on this?




Community Support Team _ Mona Li
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Level 8

Re: ! Bug: Flexible Height Gallery does not always adjust height

Hi Mona ()


Thanks for your response - I should also point out that the app always works on a browser / web preview! The issue occurs when using the app through a mobile (android) phone.


The setup:


In my app instead of using radio buttons I used images (that look like radio buttons). Smiley Happy

Initially you see 3 'icon's (looking like non-selected radio buttons), then on each icon image I have OnSelect - change 'icon' to 'iconselected' (looking like a selected radio button):




Then the "corrective actions" field visibility is defined as Visible = when displayed image equals 'iconselected'




Because I chose a flexible height gallery the section (template size) should expand if this field is visible and collapse when it is not visible... as I said this works fine in another app with just 2 galleries on 2 sheets, and in this app for 3 galleries on 3 sheets..  

Level 8

Re: ! Bug: Flexible Height Gallery does not always adjust height

Hi Mona ()


Some insights from my own testing:

1. The issue seems to come up once I have flexile height galleries on more than 3 screens.

2. Originally I used the flexible heights gallery - 'blank' template - which I changed to the 'social feed' template. I found this made no difference and I still see the same issue.

3. Having a second flexible height gallery on one screen (and set it to 'hidden) helps initially in that the next test works well. Unfortunately when I access the app several times the issue of overlapping comes up again despite the second hidden gallery.


We have several apps in the pipeline which we are planning to roll out globally across our organizations. Many of those will need to have multiple sheets with flexible height gallery checklists like this one - I cannot roll out something that only works half the time. Please assist!


Thanks so much in advance Smiley Happy

Level 8

Re: ! Bug: Flexible Height Gallery does not always adjust height

Any update or help for this?

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