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Bugs in Attachments Control colors


 I found several bugs in how colors are used in Attachment Control. Here is the list:


  1. ItemPressedFill color is not used at all - instead when pressing on an item a PressedFill is used
  2. AddedItemFill color is not used at all - no fill is used for added items
  3. RemovedItemFill color is not used at all - some shade of grey fill is used, seems like it is hardcoded and can't be changed at all
  4. ItemPressedColor is not used at all - instead when pressing on an item a PressedColor is used
  5. AddedItemColor is not used at all - instead a Color attribute is used for added items as well
  6. RemovedItemColor is not used at all - some shade of grey color is used, seems like it is hardcoded and can't be changed at all
  7. AddAttachmentColor is not usad at all - The "Add Attachment" link uses Color attribute instead
  8. PressedColor and PressedFill not only are wrongly used for items but for "Add Attachment" link they show up only when you press on this link and while holding the mouse button move the cursor away from this link


Can all of those please be fixed?


Marcin Jemiol

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Bugs in Attachments Control colors

Hi @dzemiol,

Based on the issue that you mentioned, I think you have some misunderstanding on the usage of ItemPressedFill, AddedItemFill, RemovedItemFill,... properties of the Attachments control.

Actually, the ItemPressedFillAddedItemFillRemovedItemFill,... properties of the Attachments control is just be used to create adequate color contrast.

Please check the following article for more details:


If you would like this feature to be improved, please submit an idea to PowerApps Ideas Forum:


Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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Re: Bugs in Attachments Control colors


 This article does not explain excatly what those parameters are used for. Based on their names I assume they should work as follow:


ad. 1 and ad.4  ItemPressedFill and ItemPressedColor should be used when an item/file is pressed. Instead when you press the item/file the PressedFill and PressedColor are used. See below (show be red text on black background when pressed, but is white text on blue background):




ad. 2 and ad.5 AddedItemFill and AddedItemColor should be used when in Edit mode of the Attachment Control for new item/file that's added but not yet saved (an "unsaved" massage is shown along with file name). Is this the case? If not then when colors defined in those two parameters are used?
Here is the example. The added(unsaved) item should be blue text on red background, but it is the Color attribute is used for text and Fill attribute is used for background.





ad.3 and ad.6 RemovedItemFill and RemovedItemColor based on their names shold be used when Attachment Control is in Edit Mode and an item/file is marked for deletion. Currently when an item is marked for deletion both fill and color of this item turns to two different shades of grey instead of colores defined in those two parameters. Here is the example:



ad. 7 AddAttachmentColor should be used for color of the text of "Attach file" link, right? Currently this link has text color based on Color attribute. See below (shold be red text, but is blue):


ad.8 PressedColor and PressedFill are not only used for items/files instead of ItemPressedColor and ItemPressedFill (see above), but also is wrongly used of "Attach file" link. When "Attach file" link is pressed. When you hover a cursor over the "Attach file" link it changes the color to HoverFill and HoverColor (which is correct) see first picture below. Bu when you press the link, it does not change the colors to PressedColor and PressedFill  it stays with hover colors - see the second picture below. Unless when still keeping the mouse button pressed you move the cursor out from the "Attach file" link - see the third picture below. First picture with example color config - Hover is blue on orange, pressed is red on black:


Here is how it looks on hover:
Capture15.JPGHere it is when pressed (cursor still over the link):



And here when pressed and while pressing the cursor is moved out from the link:

Looks like Hover colors supperside the Pressed colors, but it should be the other way around.

Sorry for all bad color combination, but I wanted to use obvious colors to easy point out the wrong behaviours.


I hope this clarifies better that there are significant bugs in Attachment Control implementation. If you still think that this is correct behaviour then please explain when and how all those mentioned parameters should be used and how I can see them working.


Kind regards

Marcin Jemioł