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[Challenge]: Handsfree app

A while back, someone had asked about drag and drop. I initially said it was not possible in PowerApps with the caveat that 'don't let me stop anyone':


I had only been able to drag and drop controls in one direction using a transparent slider. I assumed it was not possible to drag in two dimensions since sliders operate in one.


But I was not being creative enough. Within a few weeks, @10mikiya had created a solution:




Soon after, @h-nagao had refined the drag and drop further by making the slider smaller and traveling with the object. He then extended it to be able to drag multiple objects:


It's this can-do spirit that makes canvas apps so enjoyable to make. In the past, I've also ventured into doing things like easing, parallax, drop shadow, gradients, etc. I believe we're only limited by our imagination.


So when I was speaking with @ManuelaPichler about making an app for cooking, we hit a hurdle: how do we use an app without staining the device while we're cooking? The same question can apply to other scenarios like construction where hands may not always be free.


Asked another way: "How can I design an app so that I could use it while cooking without staining the device?"


I have some thoughts but I don't want to box the creativity by saying any more. How would you solve this problem?

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Re: [Challenge]: Handsfree app



How is this method?

Of course, voice input such as GoogleHome or Alexa is also possible.
It can also be realized by the method using AIBuilder.


Thank you.