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Re: Checkbox for "Select all" function in Gallery

I have one that Patches all items in my Gallery if the checkbox is checked (similar) and I use: 


ForAll(Gallery1.AllItems, If(Checkbox1.Value=true, Patch(SPList, LookUp(SPList, Title=Label1.Text),{Column1:Yes})))


I have a label in my Gallery that is the "Label1" that displays the Title field to help it find each item. 


Mine works good...saves me some time and I have a counter that counts all the items that are checked too and I have an Uncheck All and Check All button....just a few extras to throw out there that I found help. I am the main user on this app also so those are the things I found to help from the user side. 


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Re: Checkbox for "Select all" function in Gallery

Hi @rebeccas , thanks for your help Smiley Happy)