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Creating App for Daily Checklist (or suggestion for a better tool...)

Disclaimer: I am fairly new to Office365 but comfortable with cloud based tools and eager to learn. Smiley Happy One of my colleagues asked for my help but I am not sure how to develop what we need...


I would have easily done what he asked in Google Forms so my first idea was to try MS Forms. However, I found there was no option to make sections or modify all the options I need. I am trying to create a daily walkthrough checklist for our office’s conference rooms. Everyday one of our technicians would walk around with their mobile device and complete the checklist to make sure conference rooms are ready for use. Once they submit the checklist we would like to have that information saved somwhere (Excel I assume) so that we can refer to it in case any issue arise later in the day. We would need the historical data to confirm the walkthroughs were completed daily. 


I am trying to create a dashboard screen where you can choose from 1st, 2nd, or 5th Floor. Then select one of the conference rooms from each floor. If this is not possible it would also be fine to list all the conference rooms (regarding of the floor). For each conference room they would the technician would need to complete a checklist where they check off/ or select an option from a drop down for the following items: PC status, Table Mics Muted, Mic Battery Check, AV/HDMI cable present, and Test call. We would need a field for the date, the technician's name and a textbox for additional comments. I tried doing an Excel Table but got nowhere near close when I tried to make it an app. I then created a Sharepoint list and got a bit closer... I was able to see drop down menu for the items, but not configue things correctly so that the app would treat the walkthroughs for each the conference room as a set for that day. I hope that makes sense. :/ 


Any ideas on guidance on how to start. Is PowerApps the right tool to use? Thanks in advance. 

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Closer... .(a bit) Re: Creating App for Daily Checklist (or suggestion for a better tool...)

So I kept trying and got closer... Just how it should look - still lots to learn! I created a list in Sharepoint and used it to start the PowerApp so now I had the layout and the fields (they are dropdowns in my SP list) but when I try it nothing shows up. I guess I still need to learn how the data flow works... If anybody can point me to a link that explains this I will appreciate it. I have Sharepoint for PowerUsers training next week though my work so I am hopeful I will understand how this works. In the meantime, the more I know the more ready I will be to ask questions next week so again I appreciate any help for this lost newbie. This is how the app should look. I am trying to figure out how to make it so that daily entries get recorded and hopefully figur eout how to send an email with the information. My end goal would be figuring out how to set it up so that there is one entry per day (with numerous confernce rooms). conference room app try.jpg


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