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Creating employee directory

Hello everyone, I am new to creating powerapps but I have found a useful solution and want to give this a try.


I am attempting to create a page that list all of the employees, with pictures, from my department. However, I am running into a few issues:


I can search, but if I leave the search blank I would still like an entire list of employees to show. Right now, if nothing is typed in the search box, nothing shows up below this.


I have tried to two following pieces of code:


Filter(Office365Users.SearchUser({searchTerm:""}),AccountEnabled=true,Department="Research Administration")

When I use that piece of code, nothing displays


I also have tried using this piece of code

Filter(Office365Users.SearchUser({searchTerm.txtinputemployee.Text}),AccountEnabled=true,Department="Research Administration")

This piece of code works if I search for an employee, and only employees from Research Administration show, however if nothing is typed into the box I do not get a list of everyone.

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Re: Creating employee directory



The searchterm is optional, try leaving it out.