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Creating "A Forms Center" for Our SharePoint Tennant

We are having a discussion at a client that is planning on developing many forms using PowerApps.  The big questions is whether there should be a centralized location where all forms can be launched from a central location or not.


The primary argument in favor of a centralized location is a similar model to


If you have one location to go to, then you always know where you launcn a new request for something and you can always come back to the same place to look for earlier reqests and check the history of the requests as well as the status.


There are numerous things that need to be worked out in a centralized model:


1. What requests can the user initiate?  How do you show a customized set of requests that are tailored for a user?  Can we show eligible requests based on Office 365 group membership?


2. How do you show requests that people should be interested in?  Assuming that a person is explicitly called out in a request (say she is a participant) or she is a member of an Office 365 Group that may need to touch the request.  If the form has a reference to an Office 365 Group and I am in the group, is there a way to show the form to me, because I am part of the group?


3. If the PowerApps are apps and not customized list list pages, how does a user on a mobile device launch these?  How does a user on a Mobile devie see the dashboard?


Is there a discussion someplace that covers the pros and cons of a centralized form "dashboard"

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Creating "A Forms Center" for Our SharePoint Tennant

Hi @mmeth-editas,


Could you please share a bit more about your scenario?

Could you please show more details about the forms that you mentioned? A form represents one request?

Further, do you want all forms that you created via the PowerApps to be launched from a central location?


Thanks for your feedback, If you want all forms that you created via the PowerApps to be launched from a central location, I afraid that there is no way to achieve your needs in PowerApps currently.


If you would like this feature to be added in PowerApps, please submit an idea to PowerApps Ideas Forum:



Best regards,


Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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Re: Creating "A Forms Center" for Our SharePoint Tennant

Hi Kris,


Thank you for your note.  The idea is to have a forms center where people can launch all forms that exists accross the company that they have privlidges to as well as see the status of any forms where they have been named as a participant.


In some cases they may be an initiator and in other cases they may play the role of a reviewer, approver, or person that fullfills the requests.


For example: You may have a form where you can apply for a parking permit at a company:


The person who submits the request would be the iniator.  There may be an approver who will verify that the request is legitmate.  Then there may be a person who fullfills the request and assigns a parking spot to the individual.


This could be a model for many different types of forms that span an orgnaziation.  I would like to build a forms center where each person in a company can see a dashboard of forms that pertain to them.