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Re: Data Tables do not Refresh/Update Data

FYI - the fix put into production several weeks ago (mentioned on this thread) did appear to resolve my issue with data tables refreshing entirely (without the need to Refresh in most cases, though perhaps dependent on data source).

No issues with this since that I'm aware of (I still use custom galleries more often, but data tables are great to verify data quickly).

Re: Data Tables do not Refresh/Update Data

Good to know, thank you. 

However, I experienced the issue just yesterday without additional Refresh action. 

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Re: Data Tables do not Refresh/Update Data

So I spoke too soon.  Had a need to do this today with a collection (not a data source).  Threw in a data table.  Worked fine the first time.  

But when the collection was updated (even when it was cleared with Clear()), the data table never updated.  So not sure why it worked prior for me - unless it was because the updates to the collection before when I was doing this was on another screen in the background, even though the focus remained on the screen with the data table.


In my case now its all on the same screen and does not update.  Gallery updates fine, so using that now and its better - just took a couple of extra minutes to implement.

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Re: Data Tables do not Refresh/Update Data

@BrianR are you still seeing this issue and able to repro? We tried various permutations at our end but did not hit this. Can you send us details on your repro (formulae, etc.)?




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Re: Data Tables do not Refresh/Update Data

I'll go back and recheck again this evening.  This was occurring a few days ago when I responded, hopefully I still have that screen and table within the app.  If not, I will try to reproduce.  

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Re: Data Tables do not Refresh/Update Data

What is the solution to update/refresh the Excel -data table data?


How to use Patch function for all rows or entire data?


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Re: Data Tables do not Refresh/Update Data

OK, same issue experienced with a couple twists.

1. Data Table control has connection to SQL on-premise and uses a Sort(Search(Filter to populate table

2. Add & Submit new record updates SQL data, but does not show in Data Table control

3. Delete record updates SQL data and does show in Data Table control

4. If I do a "Search" (new record may or may not be included in search results), and I back out of the Search, Voila, the full set of records with new record shows!


Now....... the dreaded "FirstN"..... :   I put the data Items formula into a "FirstN(....................,500)" , and the Data Table shows all new added records every time   (So far.........)


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Re: Data Tables do not Refresh/Update Data

I have a flow that returns a set of numbers from a SQl server which I ClearCollect into a collection based on a date in a dropdown. When you go to the page initially, it works wonderfully. I also have a refresh Icon to test changing the date in the dropdown and retreive the same data based on a different date. 


On the page I have multiple datatables to seperate the data. The problem seems to be the same thing people are experiencing in this thread. Refreshing the data based on a new date collects the data from the stored procedure and its correct. I can see in the collection the data has changed. Excellent. 


What doesn't change is the data in the datatables. It remains forever what was pulled when the page was opened. Is there some sort of refresh for the datatable I'm missing? Or is this simply a feature thats not working yet?


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