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Deep Link w/ Parameters to Specific Screen using Mobile Stopped Working



I have an app that has a field that stores rich text (HTML).  I'm using it to store link(s) to a specific record (and screen) in another app.  I'm using the universal link from app's details screen:<appid>?ID=<record id>


The link works fine on my PC (Win 10, Chrome & Edge).  But on my iPad (iOS 11.4, PowerApps Client  3.18064.29), it opens Safari, prompts me for login details, then immediately takes me back to PowerApps and then... nothing.  No app opens and the app I was previously in is now closed.


Oddly, on another iPad (iOS 10.3.1, PowerApps Client 3.18041.21), the link works, but opens in Safari, not PowerApps. 


I know based on my experience with one of my two iPads, that the links *can* work (sorta).  Is there anything I can do to make these links work in the latest iOS/PowerApps mobile client?  






Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Deep Link w/ Parameters to Specific Screen using Mobile Stopped Working

Hi @jamiewr,


HTML text is not meant to be interactive. It should only be used for text display. So how did you make PowerApps open this link? Did you use a Launch function? Please share the related formulas so that I could try to reproduce your issue.




Community Support Team _ Mona Li
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Re: Deep Link w/ Parameters to Specific Screen using Mobile Stopped Working

Thanks for the update.  I was not aware you couldn't use hyperlinks.   It's odd because the new rich text editor control has a Link button in the ribbon. 


I was not using any formulas, just straight HTML.  The links themselves were the app's universal link plus a parameter (ID).


I had it working a few weeks ago, but now it doesn't, so I'm just frustrated.



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Re: Deep Link w/ Parameters to Specific Screen using Mobile Stopped Working

There are a number of ways in an HTML Text block to "launch" an external web page that "works" (depending on what you want to do).  Anchor tags (<A>), and even a form with a Submit button in the HTML that is placed in the HTML Text block.


What I believe that @jamiewr is looking to do (perhaps, as I had a similar thing I wanted to test) is to use something in the HTML Text block (anchor tag, button, etc) to redirect back to the same PowerApp, passing in parameters to have that PowerApp then redirect to a specific screen, perhaps with the info that the web page collected in simple HTML (understand scripting won't work in an HTML Text control).  


While I have yet to try this (its on my list though as I have a specific use for it - for debugging purposes in my app), I suspect that in a browser in many cases it might attempt to popup a new window with that PowerApp in it, instead of redirecting the standard one (though perhaps you can do that to).  Also since it'd be running a new instance of the PowerApp (whether in the same window or not) - any global variables, controls, etc would not have the same values unless you passed the info in as parameters on the link URL (ie: - so definitely not without issues (or at least I assume this would be a limitation unless there is a way totell PowerApps to hold onto the same session).  


Probably not a good approach for an app that is let out "into the wild" to your user base, but perhaps can be a "neat trick" to allow for some debugging scenarios (my use case).  


Note that I have often created a master app (PowerApp) that would give the user the option to launch other PowerApps - passing in appropriate parameters, and then have the launched PowerApp "return" to the master app by launching it again (again this is a new session though).  And this works pretty well, and "mostly" the same thing, though in having an app relaunch itself in this fashion (or even just using Launch() outside of an HTML Text control - which frankly would be silly to launch itself)  - one might make assumptions about the values of variables etc itself being the same when they will not be (barring again, some way on the URL to tell PowerApps to connect to the prior session).



Level 8

Re: Deep Link w/ Parameters to Specific Screen using Mobile Stopped Working



Appreciate the ideas. 


To clarify, let's say of two apps: App A and App BApp A gets its data from List A in SharePoint.  App B gets its data from List B.  There is no formal relationship between Lists A and B (e.g. Lookup column)


In List A I have a column (Links) that stores Rich Text (including HTML tags). [EDIT] I created a calculated column in List B to create a link to App B with a parameter (ID). I realized, I actually use App B to create this link (via Concatenate). I copy that link and then create a link the Link column in List A


The rub is that it's a one-to-many relationship.  One record in List A can have links to multiple records in List B


My goal was to create a seamless experience between the two apps.  I added some If/Then code to App B to detect the ID paramter and provide a navigation button back to App A if detected.  Unfortunately, the link to open App B doesn't work, so I can't test my round trip technique.


Is my solution the best? Probably not.  Open to other ideas. 




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