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Design question

I am creating a form where the first screen gives 4 options that naviagtes the user to 4 different screens/forms. The way I currently have it, the first form is kind of a mocked up gallery where the buttons and icons navigate the user to the correct form. This works but the first form has a lot of real estate and Im wondering if there are any cool design ideas someone might have or general thoughts on how to make the form look cool. Thanks!



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Re: Design question

Hi @kywest,

could you post a picture of your current screen?

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Re: Design question



Something I like to do is add a background image by selecting the screen I want to add the image to, and then in the screens property's on the right hand side, theres a property where you can add a background image. To upload an image, you'll just need to click on file at the top left of the screen and then Media, Images, and then the browse button. Whatever you name the image is what it will be called in power apps if you want to reference it or use it. 


I hope this was helpful! 


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Re: Design question

I shared a demo of an app I built on a blog post that at least think has a pretty cool home / landing page making the most out of the real estate 🙃.