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DropDown Value filter

Hello All


I am trying to build a PowerApp. 


where I have 4 drop down lists. I want to have dependencies on these drop down list.


Ex: There are 4 Drop down lists : dd1 ,dd2, dd3, dd4


Now when I select any value on dd1, dd2/dd3/dd4 all these drop down list should be filtered automatically as per the value in dd1.



NOTE: I have connecterd to Azure database to get the values of these 4 drop down lists from one table.


Let me know if any one have any questions.

PowerApps Staff CarlosFigueira
PowerApps Staff

Re: DropDown Value filter

You can have a Filter expression in the Items property of the dropdown control, and that can reference the selected value of other dropdowns. For example:

dd1.Items: Countries
dd2.Items: Filter(StatesOrProvinces, CountryId = dd1.Selected.Id)
dd3.Items: Filter(Cities, CountryId = dd1.Selected.Id, StateId = dd2.Selected.Id)
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Re: DropDown Value filter

Thanks for the response.


I tried something similar approach and it worked.