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Dropdown links to FILES (not list). Is it possible?

Hi all,


Is it possible to make links to files from SharePoint directly? For now, I have a dropdown where I can select names from excel file (command "distinct"). 


1 - My Idea is to create an app, where  I can:

1) select PDF file on sharepoint

2) type email 

3) send it via FLOW


2- If this is not possible I can use list, right? 

3- can I somehow make connections between excel names that I select in the dropdown with files on SharePoint.


I don't know what is the best way to build this app. Much appreciated for any advice.

My question, what command should I type to select these files from SharePoint?




Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Dropdown links to FILES (not list). Is it possible?

Hi @dude_chill 


You want to use dropdown to select the email?

And do you store your PDF in SP list Documents?Or the PDF as one attachment in the SP list?

Could you please reference this firstly?


Best Regards.




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Re: Dropdown links to FILES (not list). Is it possible?


thanks for the reply. 

I've read all the themes related to my questions first. Haven't find anything... 


Nope, I want to select a file from SharePoint. 

Now I tried to simplify the process. 


Added list with attachments to SharePoint and pressed @"create app" button. 

Please see screenshot. 

Then I deleted "detail screen", now after selecting document it goes to "edit screen".

And now I added a field for an email address and "send" button. 

So my question is how to make it work correctly? I will try to ask the same in Flows community.