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Ok I admit I have only tied to use PowerApps - Model Driven for a week now, but I am just about ready to give up. If anyone can please help me I will appreciate it.


1) Entities, forms and other things do not seem to delete properly

eg I created and entity and an app that uses that entity to test something. After the test was done I deleted the app (successful) but the entity wont delete (existing references) - tried to delete forms - no go - at least one form of each type MUST exist)

PLEASE HELP - How do I get rid of the entity?


2) Tried to create a new Main form for an entity - Gave it a new name and id and ...... when I opened it to edit it was an exact copy of the existing main form. Ok, delete some fields off the form - ERROR corrupt XML. Suddenly the same happens on the original main form. Tried to delete the new form - ERROR The form could not be deleted: The SystemForm(8954e7c4-874e-4c45-aef8-8af40afb18e4) component cannot be deleted because it is referenced by 1 other components. For a list of referenced components, use the RetrieveDependenciesForDeleteRequest.

PLEASE HELP - How do I fix this?


3) Yesterday I created a javascrip file as per example on this URL :

Wow! it worked fine - great exitement. But oh dear! tried to open the app today and the following error popped up: ReferenceError: Web resource method does not exist: formOnLoad 

PLEASE HELP - What changed between yesterday and today? How do I fix it?


I get the feeling that I am part of a pre-alpha test group here.







Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Frustration

Hi @MyMate ,


1&2.What field of your entity?

If you have one look up field in your entity you should firstly delete the related entity.

More information:


3.Could you please try with another browser to test?


Best Regards.