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Level: Powered On

Function bar will not open or experiences weird behavior

If I try to open the function bar by grabbing it with my mouse and pulling down so I can see the formula, the bar stays stuck to my mouse and I can't edit the code because I can't get the mouse to disengage. If I pull down on the Function bar, then let go with my mouse, the function bar continues to move as if I still have a hold of it with my mouse? I have an error and I have the code formatted but can't open it to work in it? I hit remove formatting, tried everything without success. I have two screens, right now I have powerapp function bar open in the right screen. If I move my mouse over to the PowerApps screen the mouse is still controlling the function bar. This happens periodically but it's worse today as I can't even get into the formula to work in it. Am I doing something wrong?