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How to create a custom form for below listed business scenario using PowerApps?



I would like to get some info on PowerApps for the below mentioned business scenario:


I have to create a simple form with the following fields:


1. Employee Name (I guess it would be ideal if we can pick who's submitting the form (logged in user))

2. Weekend Date: This is a tricky part. I would like to make sure that the users can only select weekend dates (weekdays must be disabled). Also users should be allowed to enter multiple dates (they should be allowed to choose saturday and sunday dates, both at a time).

3. Days Earned: This will display number of days with respect to what the user enters into the Weekend date field above. For example, if user populates 23rd and 24th june, 2018 as dates in the weekend date field then Days Earned should show 1(one day, Saturday and Sunday would be considered as one day if entered both, if the date populated falls on either saturday or sunday (one selection) then it would show .5(half day)).


Lastly, i am not sure we can have signatures enabled in PowerApps, there would be an employee signature while submitting the form and then Manager signature when manager approves it. I would want to leverage PowerApps, Flow or Forms to automate this process but not sure how to integrate everything together. 


The good thing is, if this is possible to implement using PowerApps then it can be used as template to create many forms throughout the organization.

Can someone please help me with ideas/solutions how to achieve this. ANy help is appreciated, thanks in advance.