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How to create an email with html content that's based on the last item submited



I've been trying to create a notification email from powerapps that contains html text based on different datacard values of my app. I'm having multiple problems which I don't know how to solve.

Firstly, I've realized that when I write all the html text it goes to look for the values making reference to whatever I have selected from the browser gallery and that is currently selected to display in the details screen. My email was supposed to send the details of the last item submited to a sharepoint list, so whatever I had selected before was affecting the email I was getting since it was filled with the data of the item selected from the browseGallery and not the last item submited.

So I thought, well if I decouple the browse gallery from the display / edit forms and create a variable which I'll pass from screen to screen making it show the current item, I can make the details screen show the last submited item and after submiting the item to a sharepoint list, then navigate back to the details screen which now shows the last item's details. That (I thought) would make my html text show the last submited item's details in the text and email that in return. This hasn't happened.

What happens is that it sends the email with no data at all. All the email structure is there, but were there's supposed to be data it's just blank.

I don't know how to solve this and I have spent a whole night trying to find a solution to this to no avail. I was hoping someone could help me out.


To decouple the browsing gallery from the edit/display forms I did what's shown in this article:


Then the OnSuccess property of the EditForm is set to this: 

Navigate(DetailScreen1, ScreenTransition.None, {displayItem:EditForm1.LastSubmit}); Office365.SendEmail("p***@s***", "Nueva factura N°: " & DataCardValue2.Text & " de" & DataCardValue8.Selected.DisplayName,HtmlCorreoNot.HtmlText, {IsHtml:true})


This only shows the DataCardValue2.Text in the email subject, but not the DataCardValue8.Selected.DisplayName (which since I'm a total newbie, I tried converting to text to see if that had any effect whatsoever but it didn't).


My html text is hosted in a new screen which is out of reach for users but where I've placed an htmltext control and written the following: 


"Buenos días," & "<br>" &
DataCardValue8.Selected.DisplayName & " ha cargado una nueva factura a Sharepoint. Estos son los datos relevantes:"& "<br>"
& "<b> Nombre del proveedor: </b>" & DataCardValue9.Text & "<br>"
& "<b> Nro de factura: </b>" & DataCardValue10.Text & "<br>"
& "<b> Centro de costo: </b>" & DataCardValue16.Selected.Value & "<br>"
& "<b> Rubro: </b>" & DataCardValue11.Selected.Value & "<br>"
& "<b> Subrubro: </b>" & DataCardValue12.Selected.Value & " " & "(" & DataCardValue13.Selected.Value & ")" & "<br>"
& "<b> Monto: </b>" & "$" & DataCardValue18.Text & "<br>"
& "<b> Vínculo a factura en SP: </b>" & "<br>"
& "<br>" & "Por favor, carguela al sistema B**** como también a InfoM. Como adjunto encontrará el archivo que contiene la factura." & "<br>" & "<br>"
& "Gracias," & "<br>"
& "S*** S.A." & "<br>"
& "<br>"
& "Este es un mensaje autogenerado a partir de la carga de una factura, no lo ha enviado el remitente"



  • DataCardValue 2 is hosted on the DetailScreen1 (and this value does show the correct data in the email as receive as a notificaiton)
  • DataCardValue 8 is the Author in the DetailScreen in the DetailForm1
  • DataCardValue 9 through 18 Are all values found in the EditForm1




At first, during the first tests, it would not show the datacardvalues that would be followed by the ".selected.value". But now it's just not showing anything because of what I've already explained above (just to clarify, after the decoupling, I did some tests and that's what happened, first it seemed to work and send the email correctly showing all the fields of the last submited items, but in subsequent tests it just showed all fields blank).


So..I really have no clue on what to do..I'm super new to powerapps but want to move forward, I've invested a lot of hours on this and hope my problem does have a solution. If any of you pros can help me I'll be eternally grateful! =)

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