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How to save Pen input to sharepoint

Hi all,


Requirement: need to share pen input to sharepoint & we should get the link from sharepoint to open the image in powerApps

We got stucked in saving pen input as image to sharepoint.


Below is nice tutorial where it's dealing with camera inuput, we are looking for peninput.


Highly appreiciated your help.



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Re: How to save Pen input to sharepoint

Can somebody here to guide please..

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Re: How to save Pen input to sharepoint

So, I have one that saves the pen input to an item on the SPList but the catch is getting outside of PowerApps. You can view the signature all day long in PowerApps but the only way to get it out is to email it to yourself (that I have found). If you just want to see it in PowerApps it works great though. 


*  I have a SharePoint List that has a column that is Multi-line, plain text that stores it

* For mine they are signing for an item that has already been inputed so they review the oringal document that was submitted through powerapps and then go to the signature screen.


- Gallery that is set to filter for the item that was reviewed on previous screen

* Has Pen Input, and I also have an input field that makes them type in their name along with signature.  

* an Image =PenInput.Image -- the reason I have this is to let them review the signature before the final submit


* Button 1 in gallery = ClearCollect(CollectionName, PenInput.Image, TextInput.Text)

* Button 2 in gallery = Patch(SPListName,ThisItem,{ColumnForSignature: First(CollectionName).Url, ColumnPersonName: TextInput.Text})



To show the signature later in the app you just insert an image and refer to your column name that stores that data.


Let me know if I need to better explain portions of this. Sometimes easier to do than explain but I think I got all the steps in there.






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Re: How to save Pen input to sharepoint

Hi @krishnapwa ,


I was dealing the same problem: trying to save the pen input image to SharePoint, but in my case I was trying to save it as an item's attachment. After looking around the 'net I found this two links that were VERY useful to achieve it:

The blog entries belong to John Liu and let me tell you he's a GENIUS! The workaround he uses is not very fancy but it's not complicated to implement (second link).
In that workaround he uses a Flow with a PowerApp trigger to get the image content from the Picture Control (works the same with the Pen Input Control) and then creates a file in a SharePoint library as an image. Check on the first link to see how he calls the Flow from a button in the PowerApps app.

I hope it helps you just as much it helped me Smiley Wink
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Re: How to save Pen input to sharepoint

I love the simplicity of this solution but I’m not clear on what you’re referring to when you stated, “* an Image =PenInput.Image -- the reason I have this is to let them review the signature before the final submit”?
Could you elaborate more on this step, please?
Thank you in advance!
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Re: How to save Pen input to sharepoint



You insert the pen input and then at another spot on the screen or even on the next screen (as long as you don't reset the PenInput yet), you insert an "Image" (from under the media section) and for the image, one of the Properties (that can be selected from the drop down choices in the top left) is called "Image" set that to PenInput1.Image (or whatever you call you PenInput control).


You are telling it to make my "Image" whatever is showing on the Pen Input. Works good for just viewing.


@Claud87 had some good posts by JohnLiu too so be sure to look at those. I like his idea on how to save that signature.


Let me know if you have trouble getting that signature to display and I can post a few screen shots. 

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Re: How to save Pen input to sharepoint

Hello Rebecca,


I am trying to do the same thing : save a pen input to sharepoint List.

But it does not work.


Step one : Store my signature in the Doodles Collection


Collect(Doodles; {Sketch:MyDoodles.Image})

=It does work Smiley Happy


Step 2

Insert an image (sketch) and refer to the right column name (signature) that stores that data.

Button 2

Patch (Mylist_sp;First(Filter(Mylist_sp; Titre="test1")) ; {signatureSmiley Frustratedketch})

=It does not work


Could you help me ?


Thank you





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Re: How to save Pen input to sharepoint

What is your column type for the "signature" column?

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Re: How to save Pen input to sharepoint

Hi rebeccas,


the method does work for the first time. if repeatedly pull the record then the signature will not display anymore.


please verify does that happened (missing signature) after few refresh.



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Re: How to save Pen input to sharepoint

I'm just going to start from scratch on the how to for this for anybody needing it (might do a video in a bit):


For storing the signature using SharePoint to view in PowerApps:

(this will only allow you to save the signature and it be viewed from PowerApps..I'll do after how to store the signature to be used outside of PowerApps)


* Add a column to your SharePoint list that is Multi line and Plain Text

* In your app you can have a new form that has whatever fields you want but include the field for the Signature column (you can hide it)

* Insert a Pen input

* For the card in your form that stores the Signature, unlock it and make the default for the DataCardValue = PenInput1.Image

* Insert a button to submit the form...nothing special here

* To test that the signature is being stored to be viewed you can insert a gallery that shows the Sharepoint list items...put whatever fields you want...but include an Image in the gallery and make it Image = ThisItem.Signature (assuming Signature is your column name)


You can also display it a form by including the card for your Signature column in your form and remove the DataCardValue text input box it defaults to and replace it with an Image and set it to ThisItem.Signature


If you want this signature placed on a document or viewed outside of PowerApps that will take a Flow. It is pretty easy too and I can type up some quick notes on it if anybody is in need. 


Please let me know if I did not explain any of this well enough.


(I often put the signature into a collection for the added ability to view it first and redo it if they don't like it..etc. and that does work good but keep in mind that a collection isn't saving the data long is just a temporary holder so that is just a portion of the step -- anybody who wants more on that part let me know and I will explain the parts I can)

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