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Issue with PowerApps release version 3.19012.19



I have an app with data source as SharePoint list. Since there are too many columns in the list I've split into multiple screens and use a Patch function to update SharePoint list. The Patch function looks like below and works fine and currently in production with the PowerApps release version as 3.18111.15 


Patch('My Form',{ID:Blank()} ,{Status: {'@odata.type':"#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference",Value:"Submitted"}, Form1.Updates,Form2.Updates,Form3.Updates)


Now I had to change to one of the column titles in SharePoint list and so dropped the field and readded in Powerapps for the new column title to appear. I've published the change and after this change the PowerApps release version for some reason has got updated from 3.18111.15 to 3.19012.19. With this new version update, the Patch function is not working and throws an error that "Title field required". The Title column is filled in Form1. If I make the Title column optional in SharePoint list, it'll throw the error message for the next required column in SharePoint list. Looks like there's a bug with the powerapps version update. Is this a known issue?


Is there an option to update the app without incrementing the PowerApps release version or some sort of backward compatibility?