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Line Graph

Hai all,


as you can see the below attachments, whenever i select the "Area" from screen 1 it will navigate to screen 2, here when i tap on "Daily" button i want sheet 1 data to be displayed for selected "Area" and similarly when i tap on "Weekly button i want sheet 2 data to be displayed for selected "Area".


for ex: when i tap on "Area" called "Prem" i want to display all the values related to Prem in all the dates.


here, the result i want to display in Line Graph (X axis should be my dates or Week)


How can i achieve this


Thank you!



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Re: Line Graph

Hi @PremSagar ,

I'm afraid it's not supported to make this in PowerApps.

I've made two tests for your reference:

1)if the table's format like this:

area     day1   day2   day3

prem     ...          ...      ....

sager    ....         ....       ....

The line chart can only use the data in the table as the x axis.

While day1/day2/day3 is the field's name, it can't be used as the x axis.

2) if the table's format like this:

date    prem    sager 

day1   .....          .....

day2  .....           .....

day3   .....          ......

The line chart can display like your description:617.png

However, it's not supported to display field automatically acoording to the choice of gallery.

Even if I try to use showcolumns funtion to save the data as collection, the parameter of showcolumns should be specified which can not be a variable.


To sum up, test1's failure is due to :can't use fieldname in x axis.

test2's failure is due to: can't display field automatically in line chart.

You could post your advice here:



Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Phoebe Liu

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Re: Line Graph

Hai @v-yutliu-msft 


I am ok with formating my data table to however it is required to get the chart. What does it mean "can't display field automatically in line chart"


also please share the formula that you tried with to get chart as per test2.

thank you!

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Re: Line Graph

Hai   @v-yutliu-msft 


Can you please reply to my request.


Thank you!