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Minimize gallery list similar to PowerApps training app



I am completely new to PowerApps and currently building a ticketing app replacing our Online Excel spreadsheet we were maintaining previously. I am using SharePoint List as my database which will be pulled into PowerApps and display relevant info.


When I was going through PowerApps training app, I found a nice menu item on the left hand navigation with a small toggle button to hide or display the menu text. It also displays a small color symbol to highlight which menu item has been selected.


I want to similar functionality in my Ticket tracker app but my left hand menu list will be labelled as "All","New", "In Progress","On Hold","Closed". I have a column in my SharePoint list named as "Status" which captures same status. How can I have the status items displayed on the left hand navigation along with the hide toggle button and highlight menu option behaving in similar manner?


Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks!!


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Re: Minimize gallery list similar to PowerApps training app

Any updates from anyone?