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Multiple entries using the same datacards?

Hi All


I'm quite new to learning PowerApps, SP Online and flow etc.  I'm currently creating an app for ovetime requests to be approved and the data shown in PowerBI.  I have a "working" solution in terms of PowerApps and the approvals in flow however the way I have the columns setup its hard to represent correctly in PowerBI and I think with some knowledge / advice I could design the app better.


Currently I want to capure up to 8 entries.  I have the normal fields for date, approver etc which I'm fine with.  My issue is that currently I'm capturing Name, Hours and Reason.  As I want to allow up to 8 at a time I have datacards for Name1, Name2...Name8, Hours1, Hours2.....Hours8, Reason1, Reason2...Reason8 linked to columns in a SP list.


I'm wondering is it possible to use just one card each for Name, Hours and Reason.  Have a button so that if the requestor wants to add another name they click it and blank Name, Hours and Reason fields appear below and then submit all this as seperate entries on the SP list?


Any help much appreciated



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Re: Multiple entries using the same datacards?

Hi @sanderson82 ,

Edit forms are great for simple submissions for out of the box type solutions.  However, if you want to do something more complicated, it is better to create your own forms.  This will give you more flexibility regarding multiple submissions to different data sources as well as being able to better control the user interface.   Please check out @Meneghino's blog post powerapps-101-create-your-own-forms.  for how to do it.  You will learn a great deal and won't have to try to make an Edit form do something it wasn't really designed for.  

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Re: Multiple entries using the same datacards?

Thanks for the reply.  I've ran through the steps and re-created the example and certainly learnt a few things.


Couple of questions....

 1) I have 3 fields (Contract, Date, Approver) that would be set at the top of the screen and I would want these applied to every record created underneath for Name, Hours, Reason?


2) Is it possible if I have 3 fields set in a row, Name, Hours, Reason to have the + icon at the end, and when it is clicked the existing row remain, and a new row appears underneath with blank fields for Name, Hours, Reason which can continue for as many names as the user wants to add.  Then on Save/Submit these are all created as seperate entries on the sharepoint list and each include the contract, date and approver selected at the top of the screen?


Hope this makes sense.


Thanks again for any help