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Picture scaling problem when using ConvertFile action (HTML->PDF)


 I got the flow working and first creating HTML and then converting it to PDF.  The problem I came across is scaling of pictures. I already figured out that one page of generated PDF coresponds to a HTML file with 412pt x 595pt size.
But when HTML contains images which are properly scaled in HTML they are always in orignal size in generated PDF. 
E.g. Logo file with resolution of 600x100 is set in HTML  with style="width: 100pt". It is scaled properly in HTML, but in generated PDF it has the orignal 600 width and does not even fit on the PDF page. 
 Am I doing something wrong or the ConvertFile action can't scale picuters properly.?
 I can always lower the resolution of the logo file down to 100x16 (600x100 divided by 6), but this is a very low resolution to be shown as 1/4 of the width of generated A4 or Letter size PDF.

 Any suggestions?

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Re: Picture scaling problem when using ConvertFile action (HTML->PDF)

BTW. 412x595pt HTML fits on one page, but any HTML bigger than 412x585pt is casuing generation of second empty page in PDF.