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PowerApp Outputting an Incorrect Group Name When a Member of the Group Is Selected

This issue is a bit difficult to describe, so I appreciate your patience, I have a PowerApp that I am building to process part of our new user setup. The inputs in the app are a user's name selected from AD, and the name of one of our facilities from a drop down that is populated from a SharePoint table. 


The Sharepoint table currently has three attributes for the record of each facility: the key attribute, which is the facility name as a "single line of text" type; a user-friendly, wordy name for the necessary setup for that facility (for example: "PS ID + Filters" or "PS ID + PACS ID + Filters) that is a "choice" type with 4 options; and a "yes/no" type.


Right now, the Power app has a label with Text=LookUp('Sites for PowerApps', Title = SelectedSiteName.Text, Credentialing_x0020_Setup_x0020_.Value) command to pull the Facility setup type attribute from the table for the facility selected from the drop down menu. I then use another label with Text = If(SiteTypeLookup.Text = "PS ID + Filters", "Red", (If(SiteTypeLookup.Text = "PS ID + ID + Filters", "Blue", (If(SiteTypeLookup.Text = "PACS ID + Filters", "Green", "Yellow"))))) to translate the user-friendly site type to the group name for the facilities that share that setup. The group names are then output to a Flow that uses the group names to determine what steps to apply to each setup request. 


The issue that I am running into is that occationally, the wrong group name is output. For example, one of our facilities is set up in the Sharepoint list as "PS ID + Filters". Of the 13 requests that have come through for this facility, 11 have been correctly assigned the "red" group name. However, two have been assigned the "yellow" group name, even though the SharePoint list hasn't changed.


I suspect the cause is that sometimes when the staff put in several requests in a row, the group name label isn't updating when a different facility is selected. Is there a better way to accomplish what I am trying to do, that has a lower failure potential?