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PowerApps - Drop Down List


I have created a powerapp form using a table from an Oracle database and I am trying to create the following and I am experiencing some diffuculties: 


  1. Create a drop down listing for a field on a powerapps form using a table (APPOWER_WELL_LIST) created in an oracle database. (see label 'C' of attached document) 
    • The Functionality is - the user selects a well name from the drop down list (see label 'A' of attached document) and the system populates the well name as well as the well stage fields on the power app form.  See Label "B' of the attached document. 
  2. Automatically populate the primary key PA_WELL_HDR_S on the powerapps form by calling an insert trigger/seqence which is in the oracle database from within the powerapps form. How do I call a trigger in powerapps to insert the primary key id of the table based on the trigger/sequence.  See Label "D' of the attached document. 



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Re: PowerApps - Drop Down List

For #1 -   set the default property of the text control to  dropdown.Selected.ID gives ID 


#2 - return the primary key value from stored procedure to powerapps


You need to configure MS Flow to call stored procedure, once data is successfully inserted, return the primary key to MS flow which in turn will pass back to powerapps.



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Re: PowerApps - Drop Down List

Hi, I am new to Powerapps.  I am not clear can you provide some more details to your reply.  Thank you. 

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Re: PowerApps - Drop Down List



  1. If WELL_STAGE displays value based on the selection of WELL_NAME, you have a label instead of TextInput 
  2. Considering the control name of WELL_NAME is ddWELLNAME, set the Text/Default property of WELL_STAGE to ddWELLNAME.selected.ID
  3. You cannot call a trigger from powerapps, instead create a stored procedure and call the procedure from MS Flow
  4. onChange of ddWELLNAME, configure the flow created in #3


Alternative to #3-#4: Create a view to get the sequence number from dual table and onChange of ddWELLNAME, write below code 


ClearCollect(collectionSEQNo, VW_PA_WELL_HDR_tr)
UpdateContext({SEQNO: First(collectionSEQNo).PA_WELL_HDR_s})

set the default value property of PA_WELL_HDR_S to SEQNO



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Re: PowerApps - Drop Down List

Thank you for your additional information. I have create the view as you indicated.  Can you indicate where should I put the code?

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Re: PowerApps - Drop Down List

I have included the errors when I apply the code. I am not sure if I have placed them in the incorrect place in the app.

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Re: PowerApps - Drop Down List

Hi Good Day,


I am very grateful for your assistance. The automatic population of the sequence when the well name is changed is working now.


I am now getting the following error on the Well_name drop down. - The Update is not working when I select the well name. The selected well name is not saving in the table upon insertion. I am seeing the other field items but the well name column is blank.


I did the following:

On the well name drow down:

  • Create a View, Create a Collection: 
  • OnVisible:Collect(Collection1, '[APPOWER].[VW_PA_WELL_HDR_TR]')
  • Onselect: ClearCollect(Collection1, '[APPOWER].[VW_PA_WELL_HDR_TR]')
  • OnChange: UpdateContext({SEQNO:First(Collection1).SEQNO })
  • Created a timer on well name drop down to refresh the datasource since the PA_WELL_HDR_S was not changing unless I manually refresh

1. OnTimerEnd - Refresh('[APPOWER].[VW_PA_WELL_HDR_TR]')

2. Duration:10000, Set Repeat : On, Auto Start : On, Visible: Off


On the PA_WELL_HDR_S test input:

• OnChange: SEQNO

• Set default: SEQNO

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