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PowerApps and Flow Issue

I would love some input on the best approach for creating items in SharePoint based on a previous entered item from the same list.  Such as ...I have a service ticket to be done each day.  The same technician will go to the same location for 4 days, so I need to create the first ticket entered 3 more times.  I have done the following:

1.  Create the trigger

2.  Get the item from SharePoint

3.  Set the switch ( in accordance to the value selected for re-creation).  The attached picture shows most of the flow.  Each item has an apply to each

My issue is ;  If the value is set to 3 , the switch should go to 3 and stop.  However, the PowerApps fails and asks for the values for Switch 4,  then when entered Switch 4 fails and ask for Switch 5 values, etc.


But the Flow manually triggered runs.


I have also tried using yes/no conditions.  Any ideas would be much appreciated.