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PowerApps customize form opens form in right list panel not full screen

Hi, I'm probably missing something fundamental here... but does anyone know how can I create a PowerApp using 'Customize Form' option and change the SharePoint list open behaviour to open the app in it's own dedicated window rather than in the right side panel of a SharePoint list?  The SharePoint list menu should open the app full screen rather than in this panel - New Item, Open, Edit.  This is possibly more of a SharePoint issue.  Just wondering if anyone else has come across this.  I don't want users to see other list items, just their particular form.  I don't really want to create a canvas app as we can't share canvas apps with a particular O365 group.  I was using a combination of the customize form app and canvas app and modifying the SharePoint Integration actions of the list powerapp to open the canvas app but found it buggy... but not being able to share with an O365 group was the main blocker.


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Re: PowerApps customize form opens form in right list panel not full screen

Hi @Brice235i ,

Firstly, what you mentioned is sharepoint custom form not an app.

If you create a sharepoint custom form, it could only display in right list panel.

While the app created in PowerApps connected with sharepoint list is a standalone app, which can display in  full screen.

These are two different things.

Secondly, do you want different people using different sharepoint forms?

If so, you could customize users' premission to make this.

Here's a doc about it for youe reference:



Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Phoebe Liu


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Re: PowerApps customize form opens form in right list panel not full screen

Thank you for your reply.  I know the difference. The right panel isn't a great experience.   I am looking for a product that fully integrates with the SharePoint list menu and presents the item full screen on new/view/edit.  Nintex will suffice for this purpose which has similar functionaly as InfoPath had..  I don't want end users seeing the other list items.  A button on a page or link in email directs the user to a blank form to fill in... in a dedicated window.   A 'Link to item' link in in various workflow emails opens the form again in a dedicated window for the workflow participant to interact with the form.  The permissions to honour those on the SharePoint list.


Canvas Apps cannot be shared with O365 groups. - There is a uservoice post on this.  Status "Planned".

I know I can share a SharePoint list with O365 group or SharePoint security group...  the canvas app however will need to be shared with everyone in the organisation until this functionality is realised.  For now, I guess people without access will see the app, but upon submit will receive the permission error.  Also, in the various workflow notifications to 'Link to item'... it opens in SharePoint standard list experience, so an inconsistent user experience.  I guess I could engineer a URL to open the canvas app and pass the parameter of the current item, but seems like a lot of mucking around.


There are some basic deficiencies with the PowerApps Customise Form function / or possibly the SharePoint modern list experience is to blame.  I do not understand why we can't opt to open a list item in a dedicated window.  I'll have a look to see if there is a user voice post somewhere on this.