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Re: Powerapps is too slow to actually use day to day

Whoa, yeah that is a much better solution.  I take back what I said about speed! I didn't realize that addcolumns was running that call 4 times per line but now this is fast enough to just call this all from OnStart.  Thanks so much.



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Re: Powerapps is too slow to actually use day to day

i totally agree here.  It seems that with time, this product DOES get worse and worse.  On top of that, with the new releases, it seems to make it worse... in my point where it stops working.  I have a significant amount of users frustrated with me and PowerApps because of work/data loss.  Was working, and all of a sudden, it stops doing what it was doing.

i find it striking odd that the MS support team dont seem to have a clue either as to remedy and when times are critical, they spend more time trying to reduce your ticket status vs. digging in deep to find out why their product stopped working as it did the day before a PA update.  Been working with MS support since 12/16 and STILL trying to address the same issue.  Escalated it twice to CRITICAL!

i have been working with SP since 2007 as its #1 fan and evangelist.  No more... PowerApps really let us down hard.

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Re: Powerapps is too slow to actually use day to day

I have used PowerApps heavily since 2017, and it has improved very significantly since then.

It is now possible to tune performance, for example by using views and/or the Concurrent function.

Those that are frustrated with performance should seek advice on how to improve it, as this is often quite achievable.

Sometimes it is just a small thing that blows up the reaction time, such as a LookUp to a connected source in a ForAll or within an AddColumns statement.

I remain a fan of PowerApps, and have not come across anything comparable out there.

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Re: Powerapps is too slow to actually use day to day

I appreciate your optimism, but this is marketed as a tool for power users, and power users shouldn't have to know about things like the concurrent funtion to get an app to perform. Also, as a test, I created an app with no data connections that had just a single screen with a single label, which took 10-12 seconds to load. It's difficult to explain to customers why an empty app takes longer to load than their wildly complicated old infopath form. Yes, PowerApps can do more than infopath, but often the customer doesn't want it to do more, they want to replicate their old functionality, and they aren't thrilled that the development time is considerably longer and the performance is slower for the newer tool.

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Re: Powerapps is too slow to actually use day to day

Where was this architecture developed, in Asia? Great idea, absolutely horrible design and  implememtation.

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Re: Powerapps is too slow to actually use day to day

I'm also using PowerApps for development everyday and it's still extremely slow.  Just saving a form can take up to a minute.  I use IE but I've also tried Chrome and FireFox but it's still slow.  I've also noticed that that the UI will cause the browser to crash or freeze.  I've had to close the window and then go all the way back to where I was at in design and development of a form.  

Question: Does anyone have a status on when this issue is going to be fixed

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