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Refresh a Form after Submit doesnt Work



so far i dont find any answer for my problem.

I want to Edit a form and via a button in my form i can update a column in this form ( Time + Modified by).

After i saved it (Submit), i want go and edit another form wth different Data in my Sharepoint list.

So once i open that other Form in my sharepoint list, it rewrite the column for (Time and Modified by) by the Data from the previous form.

So, if i refresh my browser before i open another form with different data in my list,  it shows the data as i saved it before.

What can i do, to refresh my browser after i saved my form? So far nothing worked out with refresh() , someone has an idea?

Thanks alot for help


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Re: Refresh a Form after Submit doesnt Work

Hi @ThoT1987 ,

Could you show me your settings of the edit form, especially the Item property?

The Refresh() function is not used to change displayed form, but to refresh data source.

Usually, we set the edit form's Item : gallery1.Selected, set the submit button's OnSelect: Submitform(form1);Navigate(GalleryScreen,None), set the gallery's arrow icon's OnSelect: Navigate(Editformscreen,None).

What about yours?

Here's a doc about creating form and gallery for your reference:



Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Phoebe Liu


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Re: Refresh a Form after Submit doesnt Work

have you looked into using the form or controls reset property to refresh the data. reset will set it back the default value which in the items property. You  can put in logic there to defautl to whatever you want