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SP onprem Managed Metadata generated by the server can't be specified

Hello there !

Before throwing my computer through the window, I thought it would be wise to ask your knowledges :

I have a application created from blank, desktop-wide. I have made the wanted connections with all the needed SP On-prem lists.

I have set several screens. One of them is the Create/Edit Case one.

In this screen, I've inserted a Edit Form, with "Case_List" as data source.

In that Case_List, on SP, I have a clumn called SectionMachine_RI. It is a managed metadata column. It is not even a multi-valued column.


But the TermSet contains a reusable term.

This is the only particularity I can find.


Here are the problems I encountered :

  1. when adding an Edit Form to my screen, I add the Fields to this edit form. My Managed Metadata fields are only showing two layouts : View Lookup and View Selection. (see below). Normally, it should show Edit Lookup and Edit Selection !

    I had to unlock the datacards and modify the DisplayMode to Edit. It customed my datacard and i was no longer able to see the different layouts.managedmetadata_error00.PNG


  2. When I finally added the managed metadata column, I can see a dropdown with my terms... They are not separated between parent terms. I can only see Alimentation twice. (see with term store screen below)
    managedmetadata_error01.PNGThe selection i can make in powerapps


    managedmetadata_error01bis.pngthe termset in termstoremanagement - see the reusable V2 term


    managedmetadata_error02.PNGmy managedmetadata datacard
  3. Finally, when submitting my form, with everything well filled, nothing happens. No items are created in my Case list. I then stop the app running to find a little cross on my submit button. And here it says the following error : "SectionMachine_RI : the specified column is generated by the server and can't be specified" => HOWSO? see the screenshots below :managedmetadata_error.PNG


    So here is my question : how should i make this work ? I am going to re-think my whole metadata termstore, but that is a bit of a bother.. And apparently one of my coworker could make it work with a reusable term. So i don't know where that comes from.