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Save multiple images in collection to sharepoint


I am trying to crete an app with a report function. In the report there is a gallery, to which users can add images from either the camera control or by loading an image from their device. The user can then review the items in the gallery and delete any they dont want.


So Far So Good

Now when the user is finished there may be 3 or 4, or more, images in the gallery. I want to take all these images and save them into a sharepoint library.

I know it can be doen one at a time using flow but this is going to be very slow, use a lot of the flow allowance.

Is there a way, or is there potential for a way to be created, to upload an entire collection in one go to sharepoint?

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Super User

Re: Save multiple images in collection to sharepoint

I'm also in need of this... there seem to be all kinds of hacks, but no standard method. Anyone?