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Screen with nested gallery not displaying

I noticed this morning that a PowerApp that I am working on is not not working as it was a couple of days ago. I have a screen with gallery within a gallery. The outer gallery items are a GroupBy on a SharePoint list called "ActionInGroup" and the inner gallery items are using "ThisItem.ActionInGroup". This creates a nested summary of items like the attached picture.


When a user clicks on an item it navigates to a detail screen for that list item. I have a back icon on the detail screen that has the following code:
Navigate(Main,ScreenTransition.None,{currentTab:"Action Required"});Refresh(Loop)
Today when I click that button, I go back to the main screen, but the display goes blank, it remains in PowerApps but I must press F5 to refresh and then the whole PowerApp reloads again.

I also have a refresh icon on the main screen that has the code for OnSelect = Refresh(Loop) and that causes the same issue.

I have tried removing the Refresh(Loop) code from the navigate code line and it returns back to the main screen and displays properly but that would cause the data to be possibly out of sync if the use edits the detail item.
As I said it was working correctly earlier.
Any ideas?

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Screen with nested gallery not displaying

Hi @stgiesbrecht,

Could you please share a bit more about the Loop that you mentioned? Is it the data source you used within the outer Gallery?

Do you mean that the Gallery would display blank when you click "Refresh" button within your Main Screen?

I have made a test on my side, and don't have the issue that you mentioned.

Please take a try to clear cache of your browser, and then try your app again, check if the issue is solved.

In addition, please also take a try to turn off/enable the "Improved app rendering (final validation)" option within Advanced settings of App settings of your app, then check if the issue still exists.


Best regards,


Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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Re: Screen with nested gallery not displaying



Loop is the SharePoint Online list that is being used by outer gallery items "GroupBy(Loop,"DocStatus","AllInGroup")" and the inner gallery items is "ThisItem.AllInGroup".

When I click on the "Refresh" icon button in the PowerApp it is doing "Refresh(Loop)" for the OnSelect

The screen goes completely blank except for the title bar area (waffle, PowerApps, name of the PowerApp, the gear, help icon and my login picture). I have attached a screenshot. If I press F5 on the browser (IE and Edge) then the entire PowerApp reloads completely same as if I click the play from the PowerApps launch screen.

I have tested in "InPrivate" mode and have the same issue.

I cannot easily test turning off the "Improved app rendering" as I a have multiple "Enhanced group" controls within this app (they were there prior to the issue appearing).




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Re: Screen with nested gallery not displaying

In case the attachment above was not viewable