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Set default selected items in MultiSelect ComboBox

 My setup is this, I have combobox that it's Items is set to this

cbContactEdit.Items = (Office365Users.SearchUser({searchTerm:cbContactEdit.SearchText}),AccountEnabled=true,EndsWith(Mail,""))

It is a multiselect combobox so they can select many, my update for the datacard is this 

Concat(cbContactEdit.SelectedItems, DisplayName,";")

So you end up with a string stored like this in a sharpoint list Doe, John;Doe, Jane;


In my app you can edit this entry, so when you come back to this record I want the defult selected items to display both names.  The DefaultSelecedItems is set to this

Filter(Office365Users.SearchUser(),DisplayName in Split(varContactEdit,";").Result)

and it works ONLY if the names appear in the combobox with however many values are intially loaded, (first 100 records) . For example it works if their last names began with an "A".  In the scenario explained above, the variable has the correct value but the Combobox is just blank when loading. 


I could have sworn this was working a month or two ago.  So my question is was there a update that may have caused this to not work or did this never actually never work and how would I make it so?








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Re: Set default selected items in MultiSelect ComboBox

This helps but the default selected items do not become selected items.  If i update this field the existing ones are wiped out and only the new updates are saved