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Setting height on sub gallery

I have watched  Paul O'Flaherty's YouTube videos on grouping and nesting galleries to show a parent-child relationship with a SharePoint list and followed it to the "T".


Setting the height of the flexible gallery to counta(thisitem.grouping.field)*35 doesnt adjust, it just takes all the records and blows the gallery up to the height of all records.


I cant even show a screen shot because I constantly receive WebAuthoring abnormal termination errors.


I am soooooo sick and tired of issues with everything I try and accomplish with this technology and have spent countless hours trying to figure things out just to end up down some rabbit hole and I have a healthy background in Access etc.


If this simple little thing cant work without constant crashing (BTW its 2018 now!!!) I am giving up on Microsoft once and for all.

Enough is enough!


I'm not even going to get into the issues with trying to find info on getting collection .updates to update a collection as was used in Qdabra's parent-child video. What gives?????

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Setting height on sub gallery

Hi @CW,


It seems that you are using PowerApps studio for Web. Do you have PowerApps studio for Windows on your side? If you have one, please try to use desktop studio to see whether you will still have the “WebAuthoring” error.


I checked the video you mentioned. When using the flexible height for a nested gallery, it seems that it won’t adjust according to the number of items. While when testing without nested gallery, it works fine.


Do you have the same result with me? Could you show me a screenshot for the nested gallery?


Best regards,
Mabel Mao

Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
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Re: Setting height on sub gallery

Hi Mabel, thanks for the response!


It doesnt seem to give me that error in the Desktop Studio (yet) but I dont use that as it is God-awful slow and sluggish. I have included the screenshot for your enjoyment. Smiley Happy You can see that it is not exdpanding like the gentleman's video did. ??????




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Re: Setting height on sub gallery

Hi Mabel thanks for getting back to me. Guess what: I had a similar issue on the desktop version.

I got so sick of it I abandoned any further attampts. In my book, regardless of platform if it crashes on either it's a Microsoft issue and no longer have time or patience to do hacks, workarounds and troubleshooting.

Super User
Super User

Re: Setting height on sub gallery

Hi @CW 

This is the gentleman himself (Paul O'Flaherty) Smiley Very Happy

If you are still having trouble, some things that may be worth trying if you haven't already...

1. To try to prevent the web designer crashing, modify your test data or your filters so you are only showing a small amount of data (enough to fit on one screen) as, for me at least, this reduces the crashing in the designer.

2. Don't believe the preview in the designer (it isn't reliable for flexi height galleries) - you'll have to run in preview mode to see what height the gallery really is.

3. Rather than use counta(thisitem.grouping.field)*35, try counta(group.field)*35 (either is working for me, but you never know!).

4. Can you output counta(thisitem.grouping.field)*35 to a label in the subgallery? Hopefully, that will determine whether the counta is returning a different value from that expected or the height property is just not accepting the value for some reason.

5. When selecting the SubGallery to enter the Height formula, select it from the navigator pane as trying to select it directly on the designer is tricky and just maybe you selected the wrong control? Sounds daft but I've done far worse many times!


That's all I can think of for now, but if it still doesn't work, please post any additional details the above steps yield and I'll try to help out if I can.


Good Luck!


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Re: Setting height on sub gallery

Hi Paul, thanks for the response. Hey didn't an issue logging in recently with your account or was that someone else?


Yup tried all that. I followed your video to the 't' and my dataset is quite small to boot. I don't seem to be having much luck with this technology. It's very similar to Infopath and Access/Excel exprressions of which I have a lot of exerience so dont get why this is such an issue.


That being said I'll attempt it once again. If it still craps out on me I'll leave this technology alone until it's matured. Seems all I'm doing is wasting time troubleshooting rather than making anything useful. I am succesfully using your idea for the saving photos to sharepoint as per your recent video. I tried combining that with another Paul's idea about saving multiple photos from a gallery but, you guessed it, not working. But that's another time, another post.


As I said, however, I do appreciate your response Paul. Hope you have fun in NZ.



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