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Share your component idea!

Capture.PNGWe are building samples!

With the component feature, we will be able to provide pre-built component samples. We are composing components from existing patterns, common usages and any meaningful reusing scenarios that we witness from customers. Check out these self-maintained samples:

We are also working on bringing examples into the product, similar to screen templates!


Get involved!

Have you seen patterns, cool ideas and any reusable scenarios that you want to use as a sample? Do not hesitate to propose! Reply to this thread and tell us about it. Put down some sentences for what does the component look like, what can you do with it, etc. We will be reviewing this thread constantly and follow up with you! 


Happy building!

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Multi-Floating Action Button


Here's a semi-working example of a pattern I once saw for a 'multi-FAB' (inspiration).

Perfect for when you just can't fit all the possible actions a user may want to take from a given screen!


I threw this together in a few minutes, as it's been sitting in my mind for some time now and I wanted to put it to (digital) ink.

Important: I say 'semi-working' because, among other things, since PowerApps Components do not yet support formulas as custom inputs (for use in the OnSelect property of a given button) I've had to resort to instead outputting the pressed state of any given button (Upper, Middle, and Lower).

The idea would be to have a companion Timer control on your screen with the Start property set to the appropriate output. The Timer's OnTimerStart attribute would effectively function as the button's OnSelect property.

If anyone's interested let me know and I can tidy up the MSAPP file for you to use.


PowerApps Staff yfw
PowerApps Staff

Re: Multi-Floating Action Button

Cool example! We're taking a look!

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Re: Multi-Floating Action Button



I would love to take a look at the implementation that you designed. Please share the MSAPP file that have.