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Using Twilio Status Callback

I'm trying out Twilio in a canvas app based mainly on SQLServer. I've used Twilio.SendMessage() successfully to send messages. Great.


How do I use the StatusCallback parameter? I'd like to find a way of recording if a message fails (because of a bad destination phone number, for example, so we know to correct it). StatusCallback seems to be the way to do this, and Twilio expects a URL in the StatusCallback parameter to send updates to. Is there anything I can achieve within a PowerApps/Sharepoint/Office365 environment to get any subsequent StatusCallback calls into a list/table/collection/whatever that we can later reference?

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Re: Using Twilio Status Callback

..On second thoughts I think the solution is going to be to set up a repeat polling call to Twilio.ListMessages() every ten minutes or so in a separate permanently-on app. This can extract a range of messages by sent datetime, check their Status field for 'undelivered', 'failed' etc., and act accordingly.


Any better ideas warmly welcomed...