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Working with Moodle CRM and best practice of data gathering?

Hi, I am planning on creating an administration and marking tool using PowerApps, I have been doing some research over the past few days and have begun to get to grips with what could be possible.


I have been testing some aspects of PowerApps and my first questions are regarding the getting of data.


I know there are multiple ways I can get the data ready for the App but am unsure on best practices on doing this, I have come up with the following methods so far


  1. Using a .odc file from, I am unsure if this is possible as I have not been successful in find any guides that show how to do this.
  2. Leaving the existing connection in Excel sheets that are then used by PowerApps (how is the data kept up to date? do the spreadsheets need to be manually opened every day to ensure data is consistent)
  3. Connecting using a "Custom Connector", unfortunately Moodle’s RESTful API is nonstandard see here so this may not be possible.
  4. Having ad-hoc reports generated by Moodle that are then sent to a mailbox that can be processed by PowerApps
  5. Some other method that I have not yet come across?

What are your thoughts on the above methods?

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Re: Working with Moodle CRM and best practice of data gathering?

Still looking for advice regarding this.