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getting checkbox status in gallery from lookup column in SP

Really need some help with this one...


I have a list (METDATA) - which includes a lookup column PrimaryDrv, that allows multiple entries - The Lookup is from a list called InterWX.


In my app(created from blank form) I have a gallery (GalPriDrv) which displays the items in InterWX using title in label - it also has a checkbox(CBox1)


On submtting I patch all the checked items the user as selected in this gallery to the METDATA list into the lookup column (along with various other columns from other entires on the form.


All is good so far.


I have duplicated this Input form - to make it useable to edit items allready in the list METDATA - - This is achieved from a 3rd screen which contains a gallery(OBSGAL) showing all previous entries in the METDATA list, on selecting an entry it navigates to the duplicated Form screen - and for most of the input areas,(Date, textinputs etc) ive succesffuly used default set to OBSGAL.selected.XXXXX


My issue is though for the Gallery wth checkboxes how do I get it to show all items still that could be checked(in case the user wants to change any) but have the ones that for that record have the correct checkboxes selected (i.e its taking whats been saved in the METDATA PrimaryDRV column, and making sure the checkbox is checked.