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pre-filling a form with data selected in a gallery


I have a table in which I have questions for a survey and I display those questions with a gallery. I have another table in which I need to record the answers to each specific question.


I have a page where I have the gallery where I display the questions and a submittion form where I want the user to record the answer.


The process would be the following:

1) the user browse questions in the gallery and he/she selects the question to answer.

2) when a specific question is selected, the submittion form is pre-filled with the "question id" taken form the selected question.


How can I pre-fill the submittion form?


Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: pre-filling a form with data selected in a gallery

Hi @omarsalgado,


Can you please share your 2 tables' data with screenshots maybe? Usually, when dealing with scenario like this, we could use only one table and the questions are the column names and user answers would be the records.


Especially, do you have this "question id" field set inside the Question table? If so, this might be able to be achieved.




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Re: pre-filling a form with data selected in a gallery

Ok the app is about having a questionnaire that users will respond based on their context; let's say they go to restaurants and based on questions, they can describe their experience.


So, the process is next:

  1. Users open the app and create a "new set of responses", so I have a form where the describe the purpose of this new set of responses.
  2. Once they create the "new set of responses", the app show them the questionnaire and for each question, they would have a response, responses are 0 or 1 (for yes or no).
  3. Once they response the questionnaire, the app collects the answers and build a radar chart, for every/one/several "set of responses". So the idea is to report on one set of responses and benchmark among set of responses.

So I have the following tables:

  1. Questions: the table describe every question in the questionnaire with fields such as: questionid, questiontext, subject, etc.
  2. Attempts: the table is to name and describe the set of responses with fields such as: restaurantname, respondant, creationdate, status (for complete: all questions answered, incomplete: partially answered).
  3. Answers: the table records responses with fields such as: attemptid, questionid, response, responsetimestamp, respondant.

So trouble I have:

I need to have in the same screen Questions table (to populate the questionnaire) AND Attempts table to record the attempt AND Answers table to record answers.


So I have thought:

  1. Displaying the questionnaire in a screen and displaying an icon to create a new set of responses (attempt).
  2. When users click on the icon, the app takes them to a screen where a form is displayed.
  3. Users fill the form and save records in the Attempts table (Here I need to create an attemptid - HOW?)
  4. Once Attempt details are saved, the app takes them to a screen where questions are displayed in a list.
  5. Users click in a question and the app takes them to a form where they will record the answer for this particular question but, (the form needs to be pre-filled with attemptid and questionid - HOW?).
  6. Users save the form and the app takes them again to the screen where questions are displayed but, (answered questions need to be uneditable because it won't be possible to modify answers - HOW?)
  7. Users keep going answering questions untill all questions are answered; however, it is not compulsory to answer al questions since a radar chart will be create with answered questions only and displaying the % of completeness.
  8. Finally, how is the best way to create a summary of results, should I use PowerBi?

Thanks a lot!!!