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push notification at time of date picker

Hi there,


i have a servicing app where each member of our team can see what appointments they have coming up, these appointments are booked on by our office staff and our team members on site only see these when they log onto the app what jobs they have coming up. The job record will have a date and time of appointment and a description of the works required. 


i'd ideally like the site team member to receive a push notification at the time that the job is booked in for to remind them to attend the job. (i'd ideally like this 30minutes prior to the time, but for now the time of the appointment would do).  This wouldnt be actioned by anyone in the office as these aren't monitored once they have been logged on to the app, so wondered if there was an in-built way power apps could notify the user of the appointment.


if this isnt the case, what would be the best way to do this? i assume this can be done?



PowerApps Staff CarlosFigueira
PowerApps Staff

Re: push notification at time of date picker

This cannot be done directly via PowerApps, but it can be done using Microsoft Flow. The idea is to create a flow based on a scheduled trigger (i.e., every 15 minutes, or every 30 minutes), that retrieves the appointments (all the connectors that are used in PowerApps can be used in Flow as well), and check for their start times against "now". If the start time is within the time that you want to notify the users, then you can use the "Send push notification" action to send such notification to the app. The documentation at talks about sending push notifications from a flow to PowerApps.