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Advocate I

Calculate sum of subgrid items and populate parent field within web form/page.

Hello - I have a web form page with several subgrids, each of them representing a budget category where the user can add several items. I would like to sum the total of each subgrid (budget category) and then have that category total show in a field within the parent form, on the same page. I would then like to take the total of all subgrids and provide a budget total. 


I have tried the following and have tried to achieve via power automate, with no luck on either. I have a project deadline coming up very quickly and it seems like this should be easier than I'm making it out to be.


javascript I've tried:

function AssignSumValue(){

var total_amount = GetSum("Personnel");



function GetSum(Personnel){

var sum = 0.0;

var subgrid_rows = Xrm.Page.getControl(Personnel).getGrid().getRows();

subgrid_rows.forEach(function (record){

sum += parseFloat(record.getData().getEntity().getAttributes().get$('#crd9a_gm_solicitations_budget_personnelcost').getValue());







Accepted Solutions

Thank you for responding. Ultimately, I went with another solution because I do need the fields to calculate instantly. I appreciate your time.

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Advocate I
Advocate I

@OliverRodrigues any ideas? 😬

Super User
Super User

Hi @NewtKris1 have you looked into calculated/rollup columns? Calculated and rollup columns (Microsoft Dataverse) - Power Apps | Microsoft Learn

this might give you the calculation that you need, however this won't happen sync, it would take some time for the data to refresh

there are a few tricks to enforce the calculation via plug-in development

if you need this information to be available in the parent record, I wouldn't be looking at JavaScript, I think the solution is server-side

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Power Pages Super User | MVP

Oliver Rodrigues


Thank you for responding. Ultimately, I went with another solution because I do need the fields to calculate instantly. I appreciate your time.

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Just for anyone else that finds this thread.  It can be done in JavaScript (but in many scenarios it may be better not to).

I am in the process of fixing up issues left by another Vendor where they attempted to do this but completely stuffed it up and approached it incorrectly, so cannot reveal all the details at the moment, but what you need

  • On the main form (not the subgrid meta data)
  • create a subgrid loaded jquery block (possibly not needed if you need it to trigger on intiial load of the main form)
  • inside that block get the node that is the subgrid Table tag
  • still inside that block create a MutationObserver (inside the mutation observer call another JS function that makes an ajax call to get the new totals) - this is what picks up changes to the subgrid, if you add a new item etc the Table that is the subgrid gets reloaded so triggers a DOM mutaion.
  • Also in my scenario I have to accommodate skipping the intial form load (as this triggers the mutation observer)

The code would be something like the below


(document).ready(function () {	
	var initialFormLoad = true;
	$('#subgridname').on("loaded", function () {
	   // will trigger on Add, Update, Delete and intitial population
	  var nodeToObserve = <get the table node of the subgird here>;
	  var observer = new MutationObserver(function(mutations) {

	  observer.observe(nodeToObserve, {
	    childList: true,
  	    subtree: true,
	    attributes: false,
  	    characterData: false,
	  initialFormLoad = false;  // initial subgrid load on form load complete.






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