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WebAPI Returning Empty results intermittently

I've implemented WebAPI for my Power Apps Portal. The Web API is not working as expected for same query sometimes it is returning the empty result set and sometimes it is returning correct data




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Super User

Hi @SagarKonda ,

by writing "I've implemented" do you mean you created  a liquid creating that data you mentioned? Or do you use the standard webapi provided by the portal?


When i create apis on my own via liquid, i have to be very careful about escaping double and singlequotes and lessthan/greaterthan signs as well as it is quite clumsy to add conditions to fetches without breaking the logic :-).


In both cases, authentication matters. If for some reasons you have the wrong key for asking the page or api, you might see diffrent/no data. For web-api calls you should never cache the value for the security header you are sending. I would recommend always getting a new one.

Just my bits on this and may be a too late answer 🙂


Have fun,


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I'm using standard apis provided by portal still facing the issues.

Could you tell me where can I find whether security headers are being cached and how can I change them 

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Super User

Well, its about the requestverificationtoken. It is not cached at all but sometimes i write accidentially code which caches that sort of things. But if you use a new verificationtoken all the time (and get one 🙂 ) it should not be a problem.

Do you use the examplecode from microsoft  ( ) to obtain a token and send the request? That one should work.


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