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A Pokémon 3D app with Mixed Reality - make photos with your favorite Pokémons and save this to your OneDrive

Pokemon3D_Promo 1.gif


This App is made for me to gain experience with the latest feature of Power Apps. It is also for my kids to play with and for the community.

This app makes use of the latest Mixed Reality feature. You can choose out of one of the famous Pokémons, see the details of the chosen Pokémon, view it in 3D, and take photos with them in real life! When you make the photos, you can even choose which photo you want to save it to your OneDrive.


To view the full demo of this app (with sound), please go to : 


If you like this app, please give me a Kudo! 👍
It will be a pleasure for me to demo this app. We have a lot of fun playing around with this app, so I do think you will!




Amazing and fun app. Saw your demo on the PowerApps Community Call. Really impressed. Thank you. 😀

Thank you @harzicn 
Feel free to download the app from the Kidzone: 

And give it a try! 🙂