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This demonstration will provide details on how Power Apps , Flows , Azure Machine learning, Cognitive services and Teams can be leveraged t o build a shopping cart. Solution can be applied to various other aspects of business.


  • Small scale local retailers (brick & mortar stores), face rapidly changing market landscape, largely due to the way modern customers shop and interact - be it online or in-store. This is why it's important that any retail business today, should have a robust merchandising strategy. Otherwise, it will lead to bad assortment of the products, thereby decline in sales as customers will find it hard to get the product of their liking.​
  • It is also Important that retail stores (and online sites) dealing with similar products should necessarily differentiate themselves from their competitors. With current digital disruption, the business models and processes need to change dynamically to beat the competition. They should gauge customer’s expectation by implementing customer oriented services. Customers should be constantly involved through continuous feedback process. It is essential that businesses should have the methods in place to handle sentiment analysis. ​
  • While large retail chains can spend heavily on either in-house or third party solutions, small scale retailers will struggle to be competitive due to lack of spending on such technologies.​